About Susan Delaine

Susan Delaine 1SUSAN DELAINE has devoted her career to teaching people throughout the world about the autism-diet connection and the benefits of healing arts for children with autism. Her national media presence and books have enabled many to live healthier, happier lives.

“Many children on the autism spectrum have a digestive condition that prevents the proper breakdown of the proteins ‘gluten’ and ‘casein.’  Undigested food causes toxicity and weakens the immune system.  A change in diet can yield positive results in health and behavior. 

“Evident in their sensory reactions to light, sound, movement, smell and touch, autistic children have an innate craving for balance.  Healing arts such as aromatherapy, Reiki, yoga and more can help restore harmony among the body’s systems.”

 Susan’s mission to spread the word globally about the autism-diet connection and other healing methods is personal.

In 2002, Susan’s son, Justin, was first diagnosed with multiple, severe food allergies at the age of nine months. This diagnosis came after months of chronic illnesses and unsuccessful doctor assessments. Faced with the challenge of developing edible, nutritious meals for her son from a limited selection of ingredients, Susan was unwittingly preparing for the future challenge of using a special diet to help treat her son’s autism, later diagnosed around the age of three.

Immediately following the  autism diagnosis, the Delaine family empowered themselves with information on how they could help Justin as parents. Susan plugged away at her hunch that what people were eating and what they were lacking in nutrition were playing a role in development. And she was right. She began to find large bodies of research and organizations that recommended multi-tier approaches to autism, all of which included traditional therapies, vitamin supplementation, and a diet free from gluten (found in wheat, barley, rye and oats) and casein (found in milk).

The Delaines also incorporated healing arts into their entire family’s routine.  Together they practice yoga, sound therapy, aromatherapy and other activities that help maintain emotional, physical and spiritual balance.  Susan, an attuned Reiki practitioner, treats her son on a regular basis, and has found  improvement in sleep, decreased anxiety and decreased sensory reactions in her son.

Author, lecturer and passionate advocate for autism awareness and action, Susan Delaine is in the midst of her life’s most important work . In her mission to organically help autistic children, Susan authored two cookbooks.  The first is entitled “Balancing the Bowl” (2006, 2008) which takes a close look at the connection between autism, diet and digestion.

In her quest to help her son, Susan found remedy in recipes.

Her current book, “The Autism Cookbook Paperback,” (Skyhorse Publishing, 2012) offers a variety of recipes that are gluten-free (GF), casein-free (CF), and rice-free, as well as an in-depth section about healing arts and chiropractic care.  The recipes are wholesome, family- friendly and very simple. Designed for those who are just beginning dietary intervention, or for those seeking new, unique recipes, readers will also find easy-to-understand food guides, a clear explanation of the autism-diet link and a glossary of simple definitions.

Susan Delaine is a native of Connecticut. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University and Master of Social Work degree from Howard University.  Susan currently resides in the Atlanta area with her husband and two sons.