AromatherapyWhenever I learn of something that works, makes sense and is easy, I feel compelled to share it with the world. Despite the fact that most healing arts information that I share resonates deeply with others, I am often greeted by much skepticism. I understand why. Many believe that anything “good” has to involve a long, difficult, expensive process, especially when it comes to healing. Difficult, complex things hurt my brain after a while, so I’m in constant pursuit of simplicity; I yearn for it.

Aromatherapy is so simple. And it makes so much sense. It actually has little to do with the sensory-based enjoyment of scents and more to do with deep, subconscious effect of healing that it has on a cellular level. This has been so helpful to my son, Justin who has autism. Often plagued with anxiety, OCD and sleeplessness, I have found that aromatherapy, combined with a brief Reiki treatment helps him to ease into an almost-instant calm. Essential oils extracted from plants have unique properties which yield a range of effects. Some are rejuvenating, others are calming, others are sedating, and so on. When the molecules of the oil are inhaled, the aroma activates nerve cells inside of the brain. Right away, the limbic system receives impulses to trigger a physical response, based on the oil’s property (relax, awaken, stimulate, arouse, etc).

Better yet, research has shown that essential oils have the ability to discriminate between normal and abnormal cells. This makes them a potent weapon against diseased cells, as they are able to seek out, “attack” and destroy those which are abnormal, and have no negative effect on the healthy cells.

This is one of the many natural, healing art treatments which empowers me to help my son on the spot, without delay and most importantly, on the cheap! It provides for one those ever-fleeting bonding opportunities and to my delight, he is adopting health habits that honor (not needlessly alter) his being.

Here’s an excellent read to get you started… “Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art” by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green