DO YOU HATE IT when you’re feeling sad and someone innately reaches out to hug or touch you? Whether or not you are a touchy-feely person, that touch can help. The person is using his or her instinct of human touch to try to heal you.

IN MY HEART I’ve always known that there was something natural and complementary that I could do to help my autistic son with anxiety, sensory overload and sleepless nights. Years ago, I became attuned as a Reiki healer in order to help him in these areas. At first, the improvements were gradual and subtle, but with patience and consistent practice, my son has experienced what I call, “a cumulative breakthrough.”

Reiki is an ancient form of energy medicine (also called healing art). It began in India, was adopted in the Far East and has become increasingly popular in the West. In a Reiki treatment, energy is transferred from one person to the other. It is energizing and relaxing at the same time.

At our core, we are a network of electrical impulses, firing off from the central nervous system (CNS). The electricity is fueled by energy, which has ebbs and flows, depending on environmental stressors. In alignment with the CNS, energy flows in a cycle from the base of the torso to the crown of the head- a system called “Chakras.” Chakras have seven main segments that relate to different areas of our physical health and emotions. When energy flows smoothly, we experience ease, comfort and vitality. When energy does not flow smoothly, it becomes blocked and we experience lethargy, disease and distress.

A Reiki practitioner will place his or her hands over each of the seven Chakras, delivering a “zap,” of […]